Day 16 – Homeward Bound



Day 16 – Homeward bound & a copy of out Itinerary

It’s time to head home.  We left Petaluma, California in the morning, expecting to be home by noon time.  Excited to review all the photos we took for the 15 days of travel and share them with our love ones at home, and to all of you viewing this right now.
This was the longest road trip we ever had.  A road trip full of excitement, challenge, and of course a lot of admiration to nature.  From volcanoes, waterfalls, rain forest, beaches and lighthouses, all places we’ve been will never be forgotten.  ’til our next road trip.
Below is the itinerary I did for this trip.  I hope this can help you too on your next road trip.
Happy Travel 🙂
This Itinerary is possible. You may notice that we did not follow all the interesting places in this itinerary.  It is because in some places it took us more time to take photos.    

-Leave Ventura 5am
-Destination: Klamath Falls, OR ( 689mi / 10hrs )


-Klamath Falls, OR  (8am) –> Crater Lake  ( 65mi / 1.5hrs )
-Crater Lake  (10:30am) –>  Proxy Falls  ( 150mi / 3hrs )
Proxy falls hike 1.25mi loop
-Proxy Falls — Gorge ( 188mi / 3.5hrs )

 DAY 3

-Gorge Area Waterfalls

    -Japanese Garden

-Gorge, Washington side
-Mt. Hood
Hotel –> Mt Hood – (48mi / 1hr 8m)

-Gorge –>  Mt. St. Helens ( 117mi / 2hr )
Johnson Ridge Observatory
24000 Spirit LakewayHway
-Mt. St. Helens à Mt. Rainier – Henry Jackson Visitor Ctr 360-569-6571 (127mi / 2hrs46min )
-Mt. Rainier to Seattle ( 97mi / 2hrs )


-All day Seattle
-Kerry Park
-Space Needle
·      Chihuly Garden & glass

If you got more time
·       Treehouse Point
6922 Peston – Fall City, Road Southeast Issaquaih


     -Seattle –> Olympic Game Park ( 138mi /2.5hrs ) $12 entrance fee / open 9am-4pm
    -Olympic game part –> Olympic Suites Inn (1hr 72min / 72mi)
    -La Push Beach

-Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park
-Ruby Beaches


-Seaview –> Tillamook Roc LH (1hr 11min / 43mi)
-Tillamook Rock LH –> Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach (21min / 6.2mi)
-Haystack rock –> Karla’s smokehouse (30min / 24mi)
-Karla smokehouse –> Tillamook Cheese Factory (19min / 14mi)
-Cheese Factory –> CapeMeares Lighthouse (23min / 14mi)
-Cape Meares  Lighthouse –> Terimore Lodging (11min / 5mi)

DAY 10

-Terimore Lodging –> Cape Kiwada Haystock rock 2 (33min / 20mi)
-Cape Kiwada Haystock rock 2 –> Devil’s punch bowl (1hr / 41mi)
-Devil’s punch bowl –> Yaquina Head Lighthouse (10min / 6mi)
-Yaquina Bay Yaquina Head lighthouse –> Yaquina Bay lighthouse (13min / 5mi)
-Yaquina Bay LH –> Yaquina Bay Bridge (1mi)

DAY 11

-Newport  –>  Exploding water devil’s churn (36min / 26mi)
-Devil’s churn  –> Thor’s well (1min / .7mi)
-Thor’s well  –> Heceta Head lighthouse à (13min / 11mi)
-Heceta Head lighthouse  –> Sea lion cave (1min / .8mi)
-Sea lion cave  –>  Elk Viewing, Dean Creek Reedsport (46min / 36mi)
-Elk Viewing, Reedsport  –> Umpqua river lighthouse à (13min / 4mi)
-Umpqua river lighthouse  –> Cape arago lighthouse  (53min / 39mi)
-Cape Arago lighthouse  –> Coquille river lighthouse(42min / 24mi)

DAY 12

-Inn at Old Town Bandon  –> Face Rock (7min / 2mi)
-Face Rock, Bandon  à Cape Blanco Lighthouse & Hughes historic house (30min / 23mi)
-Cape Balnco LH à Arch rock & whale head (1hr 20min / 60mi)
-Prehistoric Garden (just on the way)
-Arch Rock   –> Cresent City (36min / 28mi)

DAY 13

-Battery Point Lighthouse ( go in the morning or at low tide)
-Hiouchi Info Center – from Cresent City (14min / 9.3mi)
-Stout Grove (16min / 4.8mi)
-Back to Cresent City for lunch
-Trees of mystery (sky trail)
STOUT GROVE  –> trees of mystery (53min / 31mi)

From Cresent City –> Eureka (1hr 36min / 84mi)
From Cresent City  –> Fern Canyon (1hrs 15min / 46mi)
From Fern canyon  –> Eureka (1hr 18min / 52mi)
DAY 14

-Fern Canyon
-Big Tree Wayside
-Newton Drury Scenic Parkway (big trees)
-Trinidad State Beach
-Patrick Point Charter’s Wayside
-Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse (for sunset)

From Trinidad Memorial LH  –> Eureka (27min / 23mi)
Eureka –> Petaluma (4hr 18min / 234mi)
DAY 15

-Avenue of the giants (via 254) Eureka  –> avenue of giants (51min / 47mi)
-Avenue of the giants  –> shrine drive tru tree (6min / 4mi)
-Shrine drive tru tree  –> one log house (26min / 25mi)
-One log house  –> confusion hill gravity house (8min / 8mi)
-Confusion hill  –> glass beach (1hr 7min / 50mi)
-Glass beach  –> Point Cabrillo LH (17min / 9.2mi)
-Point Cabrill LH  –> Petaluma (2hrs 19min / 119mi)

DAY 16

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