Lower Antelope Canyon is not as famous as its brother, Upper Antelope Canyon. To reach Antelope Canyon visitors will travel east from Page about 2.5 miles on U.S. Highway 98. Both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon are administered by Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department.

But in no way does this make Lower Antelope Canyon less of an incredible experience. Since it’s less known there is a better chance that you’ll be able to have some peace and quiet down in the canyon, and a few moments to yourself to truly connect to such beautiful place.

Visitors are taken in groups of 20, with trips entering the canyon every few minutes. Before departing for the entrance, the guide runs through a quick list of prohibited activities. Once the introduction is complete the group heads across the sandy expanse of desert for the northern end of the slot. There are no reservations, so just show up with cash. It is $26 for an hour guided tour. If you have a tripod and an SLR or film camera, they will allow you explore and photograph the canyon at your own pace for 2 hours long for a fee of $36. That is the tour we chose. There will be guides wandering around, perhaps playing a flute to answer your questions.

Lower Antelope Canyon begins as no more than a crack in the ground, barely wide enough for the width of your shoe.

Still, visitors plunge into the depths of the canyon on a series of steep and sometimes slippery (due to sand) staircases and ladders, and waiting your turn to descend the canyon. Don’t worry , it gets easier and easier to navigate once you get lower and used to navigate the canyon walls. Years ago the canyon had wooden stairs unattached to the walls, and now replaced by steel ladders attached to the sandstone walls.


The Lower Antelope Canyons are rich with beautiful art curved by nature. Go and explore the light, colors and textures with in the canyons. It’s an experience you will never forget.

The Lower Antelope is not that deep and dark as the Upper Antelope canyon but is not less beautiful. You will notice that as you go deeper into the canyon. Lower Antelope canyon is narrower and there are lots of nice formations on the walls, depending on the time and it glows in different colors from blue, violet, red, orange and yellow..

At the very end of the canyon, there is long spiral stairway that leads back up to the surface and can easily walk back to the parking area.



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