From Horseshoe Bend we got one more stop to make: the impressive Glen Canyon Dam, which holds back the Colorado River to form Lake Powell. US 89 crosses the Colorado River just above the Glen Canyon Dam.


The Glen Canyon Dam Bridge is 1,271 feet long, was completed in 1964.


The Glen Canyon Dam was built between 1956 and 1966. It generates enough hydroelectric electricity to power 650,000 homes. However, it has been plagued by controversy, even before it was built.


Glen Canyon is also a setting for one of man’s most impressive engineering and construction accomplishments. Rising 710 feet above bedrock with in a steep, rust-colored sand-stone walls of Glen Canyon, was constructed to harness the power of the Colorado River in order to provide for the water and power needs of millions of people in the West.


Glen Canyon Dam is the second highest concrete –arch dam in the United States, second only to Hoover Dam which stands 726 feet above bedrock. With a total capacity of 1,320megawatts, Glen Canyon Power plant produces around 5billion kilowatts-hours of hydroelectric power annually which helps supply the electrical needs of about 5.8million customers.


Carl Hayden Visitor Center at the edge of the canyon is a nice spot to see the dam. They offer a guided tour that the family will enjoy.

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