Monument valley is just like landing on Mars. It is 127miles from Page, Arizona. Just over the northern border of Arizona and Utah is Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, a vast expanse of desert dotted with bizarre red sandstone formations.

Along highway 163 we stopped the car several times to take pictures. There is only one main road through Monument Valley.

Monument Valley has been the backdrop of dozens of Western films shot in the United States. There are no large, established towns for miles around, dust kicks up with a slight breeze or the passing of a car, scrub bushes in bloom offer a picturesque landscape and the whole scene exudes the romantic feel of the Wild West.


Upon our arrival to Monument Valley we headed to the Visitor’s Center, just as we were taking some photos outside here comes a sand storm. My husband took a video of it while struggling with the wind and sand outside, while me and our daughter kept safe inside the Visitor’s Center and taking photos through the wide windows.

Sand storm is approaching


Taking shelter inside the visitor’s center 


After the storm

The following day we returned back to Monument Valley and took the 17-mile scenic drive that passes through the entire Monument Valley, stopping at a variety of pull-off points along the way. It is unpaved and requires and patience to traverse safely. There are also a number of tours that run throughout the park if you don’t want to drive on your own. There is one hotel, The View Hotel, that offers lodging in the park, and it is booked several months in advance.


It has so many beautiful monuments and that the landscape around them would make us feel we were in Mars. The Monument Valley lies on Navajo land and some families actually lives inside the park.
This trip left us a lot of memories not just because of the place but also because we traveled with our daughter.
What a wonderful Earth… Come… and let’s Go to more Places….

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