Do You Have a Travel Bucket List?

Why should we have travel bucket list? Writing it down, helps us make it happen.

Travel is very personal, the places we’ve visited and enjoyed reflects who we are. One person’s dream of a spa day in Las Vegas while the other is a spa along the beach of Thailand.
One does dream to get to the top of Mt. Everest, while the other just want to see Mt. Everest at distance is enough.

Let me share the top four of my travel bucket list with you…


Photo credit by: REI Adventures
Who would not want to climb the highest mountain on earth? It is every mountaineer’s dream. In Nepal, Mt. Everest is better known as Sagarmatha which means goddess of the sky.  Since climbing Mt. Everest is very impossible for me, I will be happy just to see it, to breath the cold Himalayan air, experience the local culture, but above all else, I just wanted a travel adventure of my lifetime.

Photo credit: Ian Mackenzie

The mystic phenomenon of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is certainly a timeless feature of the Arctic Circle.  As the last feeble solar rays leave the Arctic region, after which the long and dark winter starts, the Northern Lights appear as an inspiring source of fantasy and luminous draperies, dancing in the darkness.


Photo credit: Ice Hotel, Sweden

The Ice Hotel in Sweden is something out of the norm, which is made completely out of ice and snow. You can also see the Northern Lights at the same time.


Photo Credit:
A standard must for all bucket lists, The Great Pyramids of Giza. Your imagination cannot prepare yourself for the spectacle of watching the sun rise over the pyramids.

Life is short. Waiting until we have enough money, enough time and kids grow up are not the options. No matter, big or small, far or near, cheap or luxury travel, start crossing out your list.

I want to hear about your bucket list. Please write it on the comments area below.

Let’s see who among us have the same dream destination, and who knows we might be going places together 🙂


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