Working together in the same company, same department, same shift, is a day to day thing, for me and my husband. So traveling gives us the break from being in a monotonous world of our 9-5 job and it shows us the world we all really wanted, a peaceful and relaxing world.

Traveling as a couple is a different experience. It’s a 24hours commitment, being with your partner all day and all night, and sharing your travel and photography adventures and experiences. Travel allows us to open new doors together and see the beauty of the world around us.
Seeing places for the first time, being on the road together, reaching the peak of the mountains together, hiking through forest, we’ve done it all together. It’s about creating memories that we can look back on for years to come knowing we shared it with each together.
Grand Canyon West
Ed and I have been together for 33 years, been traveling quite a while when we were younger, and very much active in back country hiking too. Photography is our hobby that comes along with our travel. And both of us share the same passion to it. Crossing our fingers, we want to travel long term sometime soon. Although Ed and I have a lot of interests in common, there are still many times we give and take with one another. The times that Ed and I had disagreements are usually things that does not really matters. Communication is the key to any successful relationship.
The Flower Farm
It is very rewarding to be traveling as a couple. When you’re sick, your partner is there to take care of you. If you’re tired, your partner is there to give you a massage, cheer you up, get back on your feet. Your partner will be there when you need someone to talk to and when you’re in pain and in deepest fear. You get to see each other in a new perspective and learn more about each other than you would be back at home.
Yosemite NP
Traveling together is always the best of time together, because you’re with someone you love 24/7, you eat and sleep together, laugh, talk, play and sing together. Traveling as a couple is never exhausting, it’s the best experience that will bond you and bring you together, it is something amazing you both share that will truly last a lifetime and something you can talk about when you grow old.
Build your own memories now, travel more and enjoy life…
All packed and ready to go…



The tent accommodation
Another tent accommodation
How our sleeping bags are positioned….
ooopppss! good night !
Tent Cabin accommodation
30 minutes break 🙂


Yosemite National Park


Monument Valley NP


River Hike – Zion NP


Lower Antelope Slot Canyon
















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