We stayed at the Premium Cabins right on the rim of the valley which are near the Campgrounds. It was absolutely fabulous! They are pricey but in that location and with that view, with worth it.


The cabins are brand new and each has a private porch overlooking Monument Valley. There are two rows of cabins and our cabin was on the lower row. It has air condition and heater. The cabin we got is good for 4 person, a queen bed and bunk beds, it has good space to move around (they got bigger room for bigger families) . It has a microwave, a refrigerator, coffeemaker and a sink, but no television, just enjoy the beauty of nature. Bed is comfortable and linens are fresh and white. There’s no wifi in the cabins but you are provided with a wifi password that can be use near the Cabin Reception Area. There’s no restaurant around the cabin area, the only restaurant is at the View Hotel


The best part of the cabin is the private porch. Here we watched sunrise just right off from bed.


It was not a good timing when we were there, it was raining for 2 days, but we still enjoyed the place. No matter what the weather is, nature is still the best show you’ll ever see through your window and through your lens.

My favorite food from the View Hotel Restaurant is the Red Chile Posole with Pork Serve with Fry Bread (actually the Fry Bread is the Yummy part). My husband tried the Sheep Camp Mutton Stew serve with Fry Bread. Both meal is delicious we rate it at 4 out of 5 stars. Don’t forget to ask for honey when serve with fry bread both goes along together… yummy…

This is our 3rd time here in Monument Valley. The part is run differently than other National Parks because it isn’t a U.S. Park, but a park of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation—the largest Native American reservation in America, occupying good-sized chunks of northeastern Arizona and northwestern New Mexico, as well as a sliver of southeastern Utah. The View Hotel, Cabins and Visitors Center is modern, but the rest of the park is a bit more of its natural state, the roads are rough, with potholes here and there. But it’s a must to drive down and take that scenic drive to reach the inner part of the valley. But seeing all the awesome sights, you won’t mind all the dirt and the potholes

Monument Valley is a destination you will enjoy, a place seems like you’re out of Earth. Feels like you’re in Mars. Try it….




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