UFO LANDING – Roswell, New Mexico

My daughter, my husband and I had a day trip to Roswell, New Mexico, to check out the so called UFO town and the UFO Museum and International Research. I admit I didn’t do much of my assignment going to this place and haven’t seen all interesting places this town has to offer.

Roswell is a small city in New Mexico.  It is well-known being the home of the UFO incident in 1947.  The crash site was 75 miles away from Roswell, but the town has been always associated with UFOs, and over the years they collected evidences to prove the UFO landings and abductions incidents.  If you are a believer, this is a place you will surely enjoy.

As we drive into the city, we notice alien decor in front of many of the shops and restaurants and even their light post looks like alien heads. We stopped by  McDonald’s to see the UFO shaped building, and even inside the restaurantyou would see the McDonald characters in spcae suit.



Next, we headed to the UFO Museum and International Research Center, to know more about the UFO crash or The Roswell UFO Incident as it is officially referred to and the conspiracies around it. Is UFO crashed real? Were people abducted by the so called aliens? Where were the body of the aliens taken after the crash?  Were aliens taken into captivity to research more about them? Let’s check it out…


Inside the museum, there are so much reading material on the walls, both testimonials for and against the existence of aliens.  It is very interesting to read news clippings and look at the photos that people have turned in over the years. Believe it ot Not!

Click photo to enlarge and enjoy reading the clippings.

A day is not enough to read all informations, stories and testimonials, but for sure you will enjoy the alien art and displays inside the museum.

Believers or Non-believers, Roswell is a  great road trip stop.




    • you’re welcome renxkyoko 🙂 go visit roswell… it’s a small town with full of interesting information, stories and more 😉 out visit was just a short one.. should have stayed a little more to explore more 🙂


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