El Paso, Texas – More to Explore

El Paso is located at the western tip of Texas, where Texas, New Mexico and Old Mexico meet. It is the largest international metroplex in the world and seamlessly blends cultures and traditions: from the historic Old West to the colors of Mexico, from the heritage of Native Americans to the beauty of our desert sun.

El Paso has long been discovered. Since the early days when Spanish Conquistadors arrived at the               banks of the Rio Grande in 1598, to today, with the millions of visitors who come here                       on a yearly basis.


Our visit to El Paso, Texas was a great one. We visited our daughter and his husband.  It was almost dark when we arrived in their home (Manchester Grand Stay) – coz everything is free LOL… Everyone is excited to see each other again.  We were greeted with a very warm welcome, a warm hug and warm delicious food.


We stayed here for a couple of days, and drived around El Paso and New Mexico.  The downtown area is not very busy. Some of of the buildings are no longer being use. If you look up to the building, you will see the beautiful architectures.

I have read about this adorable little vintage gas station through http://www.roadsideamerica.com and we decided to check it out. It’s a was once an eyesore, in the Manhattan Heights Historic District of El Paso, until a local resident name Rod Davenport restored the 1919 gas station in 2008. He did such a good job that the neighborhood decided to turn the property around it into a pocket park, which opened in May 2012.

Of course, we had to visit the Chamizal National Memorial.  It’s the smallest National Monument/Park we’ve been.  The size is just twice our community park, but it it full if history .  We learn all about the border disputes between the U.S. and Mexico.

This memorial commemorates the finalizing of the border by President LBJ in the 60s. The area near the Rio Grande had been contested for over 100 years because the river would move and wander over the years.

I heard people say, that El Paso is just a small city and not much of interesting places around .  Yes, the down town is small but the whole of El Paso, is a huge city.  If we only have time, ther’s more to explore around El Paso.

Our stay was short but well cherished, specially with our daughter and his husband.





  1. I’m sure you have a great bonding moments together with your daughter and your daughters husband. It’s always good to visit one place where one of your family member is there. You get all the chances of discovering new destination and cultures as well.


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