Money saving tips for travel


Some people are lucky enough to have a travel money just fall into their lap.

When was the last time you got extra money or bonuses and did something good about it?

You pick up a penny while walking, got  $10 winning on a Scratch Ticket, or a $200 bonus from your boss, small amount or big amount, when sum up it will bring you somewhere.

If you are shy to pick up a penny on the street while walking, DON’T!

I pick up any money I find on the ground, even if it is one cent, and I am thankful I found one. Keep it in a jar labeled “Travel Money”. Never ignore coins, it adds up.


And when it’s time to count how much you got, plan a nice travel.  Some people will put it towards a new, TV or a new shoes, dress, or cell phones.  All of these are great, but ask yourself, “Is this necessary?”

  • If you have debts to pay, it should always be your priority to pay it, and manage not to let it grow more or else you will never get out of it. The less debt you have the more money you will end up with.
  • The extra money should go on travel. We started traveling by the saving up the monthly bonus money given to us by the company we are working with. We never touch it to spend to any unnecessary things.  If ever we need to buy those things we do some overtime jobs or cut off other expenses.  It’s just a matter of asking yourself before buying, “do I need this, or do I want this?”
  • Some are lucky to have a big amount from tax returns. Sometimes we do.  And if you do too, don’t get excited to go shopping right away.  Tax returns can be a good source of travel money.  Have you tried using it for travel? Why not?
  • Write a list on how you can earn extra money. Use it to pay debt, which will put more money towards your travel funds in time.

Start saving your money and bonuses.  Start planning your next travel now and see the world outside.








  1. Haha, like you, I am not shy about picking money I found on the ground. You know, one time I found two fifty dollar notes on the ground and picked it up. Gave one to my friend and I pocketed the other 😀 You never know when lose change can come in handy, and I am sure at some point we have all dropped money somewhere. So when I pick up money I like to think it’s karma coming back around 🙂

    I have been lucky with my tax return this year. Enough for some travel, but we’ll see…. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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