Iceland Phallological Museum also called as Peen Museum

I have read about this couple of months ago, and even watch a vlog about this unique museum.


It’s the Icelandic Phallological Museum also called as Peen Museum, in layman’s term Pennis Museum.  Entrance is $8.00 and you’ll find yourself surrounded by penises of all shape and sizes, and from different species.

What??? A penis museum???

What the heck is this museum? How did this museum started?… and so many questions.

Yes, you read it right.  It is a place containing the world’s largest collection of penises.

Museum’s history started in 1974, when the founder of the Museum Sigurdur Hjartarson was given a bull’s penis, also known as a pizzle.  In Iceland a bull is referred to as male whale, not a cow.  After that, more donations were given to him.  By 1980, Hjartarson had 13 penises collected, and 1997 he had 62 penises enough to open his museum, now called the Phallological Museum.  The collection currently holds over 280 different penises, testicles and artifacts.

Face to face with the biggest penis I had ever seen. It belongs to a sperm whale, and it catches your attention as it stands there upright in a glass case, in some kind of preservative liquid.


There are many other animals also, and even some folklore penises: such as troll penis and elf penis.

I know you’ll going to ask… “ Is there any human penis?”

Yes… The museum now has several human penises too, after several people offered to donate theirs after their death.

The grayish, hairy specimen floating in a jar donated by a deceased 95 year old Icelander, Pall Arason.


One more interesting display is the silver penis casted from the Icelandic Handball Team.  They won the silver medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics, and to celebrate it they had their own penis cast for display…. Haha! That’s insane 🙂





It is just a small museum, which you can spend about 30 minutes viewing the specimens.  But don’t forget to take a photo of yourself with the biggest penis in the Museum, the sperm whale penis.

Other unusual displays that are dedicated to the penis are: the penis phone, the door handle, the bird in the cage,  lampshades made out of bulls testicles and more…


Now which one is your favorite? Would you like to visit the Icelandic Phallological Museum?

Click video for more :0)

Click to view Letter Of Donation



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