The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

While visiting Iceland, we had a lot on my must-see list, like the Northern Lights, glaciers, waterfalls, Icelandic horses and of course the Blue Lagoon.

The geothermal plant that provides the Blue Lagoon’s waters works by venting super heated water from a nearby lava flow and using it to create turbine electricity. After, the water is passed into the Blue Lagoon. So while not exactly natural, there are no harsh chemicals to be concerned about.

Upon arrival to the Blue Lagoon, we walked along a lava path for a short while until you get to the spa building itself. Before entering the main building we took short detour off to the left side of the entrance door.  This part of the Lagoon was empty, we just took some photos of the beautiful blue waters.

After taking some good shots we get inside the building and took some walking tour around the area.

Now we are ready to take the plunge.  We fall in line to register.  Everyone who enters the Blue Lagoon in Iceland wears different color of electronic bracelets depending on the package you bought. We bought the €70 package that includes a bath robe, towel, slippers, free drink and free face mask.

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable. The day we were there was raining on and off .  But don’t let bad weather stop keep you.  The water changes temperature throughout the area.  On the far side of the pool, is the silica bar, people scooping out white minerals and smoothing it on their own face, and so we did too.  Leave the silica mask for 5-10minutes then rinse.  Then apply the green algae mask, leave it on your face for 5-10minutes as well, then rinse.

After the facial mask, we cross over to the side of the lagoon to get our free refreshing drinks, and then just stayed on one spot to relax.

Overall, if you’re going to Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is one of those experiences that you just have to try.



Helpful tips:

Entrance Packages. The basic entrance price is 45 Euro per person, but you can choose any package you prefer.  You can bring your own towel and robe or pay an extra charge.  Check out their other packages here:

Get naked first.  It is required to shower nude before entering the pool.  Some of the shower stalls have doors for privacy. Once you’re rinsed and conditioned, you can put your bathing suit back on and head onto the lagoon.

 Hair aware. The silica and sulphur in the water of the Blue Lagoon may be good for your skin, but it’s definitely NOT good for you hair. The shower rooms at the Blue Lagoon offer lots of conditioner, use it to protect your hair otherwise your hair will be dry and brittle for days.  Don’t rinse it out the hair conditioner until you’re ready to leave.

Relax. After all, this is what the Blue Lagoon is all about!

Transportation.  You drive by your own and discover other areas near the Blue Lagoon.  Or you can take the tour or the FlyBus

Free Wi-Fi at The Blue Lagoon facilities.





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    • thank you so much sally for picking our blog about iceland blue lagoon 🙂 we hope to keep following us in our next adventures 🙂 have a nice day 🙂 thanks again and we appreciate it very much 🙂


    • thank you for picking us and mentioning us on your pick of the week 🙂 we hope you keep following us and our adventures/travels 🙂

      have you check our latest post about our chase to see the northern lights?

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