Carnival Cruise 4 days Itinerary

Day 1 –  Ship boarding /embarkation

The ship boarding experience seemed fine, and wait line is not that long.  Expect to get your photo taken several times before getting on the ship, and later you can purchase it if you want.


We boarded in time to get some early dinner at The Madri Gras Main Dining Room.  There is certainly plenty of food and a good variety.  One of the other things about going on a cruise is that you will never go hungry.  At least while on board you don’t have to worry about food, the quality, the amount or the price.

After dinner, we decided to tour the ship. They have a swimming pool and a hot tub.  And on an upper level, they have a water slide, and lots of fun water activities for kids and adults.



Day 2 – Catalina Island

My husband and I decided not to do any tours down Catalina Island.  Instead, we prefer to stay on the ship and take photos of Catalina Island and the Parasailing activity which our daughter and son-in-law did.


Day 3 – Ensenada Mexico

We took the La Bufadora tours which include of course a land tour to La Bufadora and on the way back we stopped by the Riviera,  La Bufadora is the name of the natural spout in Ensenada, which blows sea water every couple of minutes.

Next stop, The Riviera and is said to be the birthplace of the Margarita drink, created in 1948 at the renowned Bar Andaluz and has been popularized around the world, so that his invention is of great pride for Ensenadenses.



Day 4 – Fun at Sea

As ship cruises slowly back to Long Beach next day at 7:00am.  It’s nice to catch a show, eat all day or just relax on board.

We spent the final day, the ‘Fun Day at Sea’, checking out the public areas of the ship.

There is also a debarkation talk at the Paris Lounge and can be also watched on your cabin’s television.  Debarkation can take a while and handling your own luggage speeds up the process.


Day 5 – Debarkation Day

After breakfast, we made our way off the ship and went through US customs.  We didn’t experience any problems getting through.

The 4 nights (0r the 3 nights) Carnival Baja Mexico cruise is a good option for people who have limited time off and need a plan at short notice, this 4 nights itinerary sails every weekdays and the 3 nights sails every weekend (does not stop at Catalina Island), cruises are year-round.  It is also good for first-timers to give cruising a try.



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