Avenue of the Giants, California

We are heading to Tacoma, Washington to visit our our daughter and husband for the holidays.  From Ventura, California we drove 599 miles to Garberville to stay for a night, and the following morning back on the road and check out the giants of California along the Avenue of the Giants.



Avenue of the Giants features some of the largest Redwood trees anywhere on the planet. It is 32 miles long.  The Avenue of the Giants was the original stretch of Route 101 until a freeway bypass was created in 1960. After that time the road was given a new designation of Route 254 and maintained by the state.

The view along the road is one of the amazing parts of this area . There are many groves that you can pull out during this drive.  If you have time check out and explore out some groves and you will surely love the place within the forest.  You should plan at least half a day here so you don’t have to rush.

This is a must add  to your bucket list, it is one of the best places in California.

(Video taken during our first visit to the Avenue of the Giants)




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