The Oregon Coast

Oregon is one of the best State we love. From the beach to the mountains and lakes, there is never a dull moment if you’re a nature lover.

The coast is one of our favorite places to go within Oregon, mostly because the Oregon Coast offers hundreds of miles of stunning scenery, rocky shoreline, sandy beaches, and charming shopping. The combination of powerful crashing surf, beautiful sandy beaches, rocky sea stacks towering majestically just off the shore, the spruce and fir forest sweeping down to the shoreline,  coastal villages, and there is so much to see and do.

It is usually cold and overcast, and even sometimes stormy. Very rarely is it perfect blue sky and hot.  The Oregon coast stretches over 360 miles. The Oregon coast is divided into 3 regions- North Coast, Central Coast and South Coast.

Here’s the “official” Oregon Coast Website from the Oregon Coast Visitor’s Association: OCVA

Check out our previous visit to the Oregon Coast Trip



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