The Big Move

After 11 years of leaving and working in America, we have decided to move back to Philippines and travel more around Philippines and other Asian countries.

Six months ago (February 2017)  we packed our clothes, computers, collection of toys including our boxes Lego and some household items, had the Big Move.

We took our flight out from Seattle, Washington through Eva Airlines via Taiwan.  It was a 12hrs flight from Seattle, Washington to Taiwan, had a layover for 3 hours in Taiwan, had to change plane then proceed to Philippines for another 2 hours flight.


Eva Airline was our first and last choice because of its affordable airfare.  The plane we had has a second floor also for Economy fare. During my booking online I decided to take the seats on the upper deck for experience.  When the jumbo jet was introduced, the upper section was a lounge for premium passengers.  Now some airlines have reconfigured their 747s with economy seats on the upper deck, and Eva Air is one of them.  We are the first in line to fill up the upper deck and had the opportunity to take some photos.

There are only 60 seats and 2 restrooms on the upper deck.  Since there is a curvature on the window side, there is a space between the seat and the window wall, there are storage bins giving the window seats extra width and space.

Each seat has its own in-flight entertainment system and you can even see the details of your flight on screen, watch the map as your flight moves.

Food is being served shortly after take off.  We had the choice between fish and chicken served with Seasonal Fruits and Apple Lattice Cake.

Pan Friend Fish with Ginger and Onion Sauce with Steamed Rice, Lettuce Salad with Ham and Cheese.

Creamy Dijon Mustard Chicken Served with Mashed Potatoes.




Food is not amazing but not bad at all.  I’ll give a score of 4 out of 5.

By the time we finished our food it’s already midnight Seattle time, and we are ready to get some sleep.

During this flight, there are just a few of us on the upper deck, some people occupied 3 seats laying down while sleeping. We don’t have any seatmate too, it’s just me and my husband occupying the 3 seats.


It’s been a long flight, before we reach Taiwan, another meal was served.  A choice between Chinese Style and Western Style.

Chinese Style: Savoury Porridge with Shredded Chicken and White Beech Mushroom, Marinated Bean Curd Sheet with Bean Sprout, Fish Floss and Seasonal Fruits.

Western Style: Scrambled Egg with Chicken Sausage and Canadian Bacon, Yoghurt and Seasonal Fruits.


We arrived in Taiwan at 5:30am local time and it is raining.


This is our first time to be at this airport.  So amazing! Lot’s of Sanrio and Hello Kitty stuff.  More than 10 years aggo Sanrio approached Eva Air about selling Hello Kitty-branded products inflight.  But Eva Air Chairman KW Chang had a bigger idea.  He said what if Eva Air will make Hello Kitty part of the flight experience, instead of merely offering products, the airline and Sanrio collaborated to create a fun-filled Hello Kitty and Friends travel experience.  In October 2005, Eva Air launched its first generation of the Hello Kitty Jets.

It was just a short flight between Taiwan and Manila.  Again shortly after we took off from Taiwan, food is being served.  This time there are no choices. We were served Pork with Rice and Vegies.

We left Taiwan around 9:30am, by 11:30am we arrived Manila.  It is indeed a happy feeling to be back home.

To be continued….



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