Retiring at 50sh

Since we left USA, people are wondering and asking questions, such as: Why retire so early? Did you win the lottery? How did you prepare for early retirement? Where will you get funds to spend for your early retirement? And so on and on and on…

Meantime we just want to share with you how to live comfortably in Philippines (as our retirement destination).  For Filipinos get dual citizenship to enjoy your retirement back home, and for non Filipinos, you may apply for retirement visa, more information below.


Living and retiring in Philippines is one big decision we have made.  Aside from enjoying our day to day without a boss, we live well and stress free. And soon we will have great experiences and be with amazing people around the country and neighboring countries. As of this time we both are enjoying fixing our new house and gardening, as well as playing with Bruno our dog, talking a walk at the beach during lowtide along the tidepool and taking some photos/videos and starting to do lego videos again.

So, we figured it was time to breakdown our lifestyle here.

Living Conditions

We have a cozy little home (100 square meters / 1,076 square feet) which was just built, 3 bedrooms, with a nice beach view. Why 3 bedrooms? We’ll let you know later.  Of course we saved a lot when we were still working to built this house.  We have it built for $30k. So now we that we don’t have to pay for our monthly mortgage, all we have to pay is the Property Tax yearly which cost around Php 10,000 or $200.  Save an amount monthly so that it will not be a big thing at tax time, plus pay in advance and get 20% discount.  [Php 850 = $17 monthly]

20170630_094247 (1)-1

For those who don’t have any plans to build their house, you can rent a house or an apartment for more or less $500.


We very seldom eat out.  Fresh meat, fish and veggies can be bought from the local market everyday (but Saturday is the best market day).  Western food can be bought at the bigger groceries, so you won’t really miss it.  [Php 10,000 = $ 200 a month]


Although we can go around with the use of public transport like the tricycle, we bought a small car not just for conveniently driving around town but also going to other towns as well.  Soon we will buy a bicycle to be able to go further into the farms and mountains. [Php 1,000 = $20 a month]


We had the best internet we could have here in Iba, Zambales, Philippines, serviced by PLDT fiber optic connections, no complains on their 20MBPs download and 20Mbps upload, we get what we paid for.  [Php 2,000 = $40 a month]

We got only one cellphone (because we are always together, one is enough), on a pay-as-you-go plan or we call it prepaid plan.  [Php 500 = $10 a month]

Electricity is provided by Zambales Electric Cooperative.  We have at least all the necessary appliances needed, a 10cubic feet refrigerator, washing machine only  (without gas dryer), electricfans, televisions and air-conditioning unit for all rooms but only 1 room being use for now. [Php 3,000 = $60 a month]

For our cooking gas, we consume a tank of gas (11 kilos) for 2 months. [Php 300 = $6  per month]


Monthly Breakdown of Living Expenses:


Accomodation:          Php   850 = $    17

Food and groceries: Php 5,000 = $ 200

Transportation:        Php 1,000 = $    20

Utilities:                     Php 5,800 = $  116

Miscellaneous:         Php 2,000 = $    40

In total are monthly spending budget is Php 20,000 or $400.


We made this decision to move back to Philippines, to earn from our rental units and spend modestly to save as much as possible while enjoying our stress free everyday life.



So you’re asking about our travel plans?  Travelling is part of our plans, but not this soon.  As we mentioned above we have to save to travel.  Travelling comes next.














Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)



  1. Awesome ..that is very inspiring.. I want to retire soon…gotta save enough to live my stress free lifestyle..y thank you for the tips…yieayyy

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